Lixivia’s SELEX™ is a cost effective scalable process to purify and separate minerals. By carefully choosing the chemistry and process conditions, we are able to refine a large range of mineral mixtures which include low grade lime, dolime, various types of steel and iron slag, rare earth metals, and lithium. Lixivia enables our partners to capture more value from their minerals.

Dolime Conversion

Dolomitic lime, a global commodity, is equal parts magnesium oxide (MgO) and calcium oxide (CaO). Our technology easily separates the magnesium and calcium, producing two products much more valuable than the starting material.


Low Grade Lime Conversion

Low Grade Lime can be upgraded to high quality calcium carbonate or other calcium salts using our SELEX process. Tunable crystal types, size, and ultra-high purity are hallmarks of the SELEX process. Analysis of our resulting material shows product at 99.6% purity compared with starting material purity of 70%.


Steel Slag Conversion

Millions of tons of various kinds of steel slag are produced every year. There are literally mountains of slag around the world and this amount keeps rising. Our SELEX process converts slag into a variety of valuable products: engineered calcium carbonate, alumina, agricultural soil amenders and cement additives.
In addition, as an added benefit of the process, the SELEX process enables the permanent sequestration of carbon dioxide.


Rare Earth Separation

Rare earth refining is a challenging and environmentally demanding process. Lixivia’s SELEX process revolutionizes rare earth refining.